Meet the CEO


Sherrun Ellison, NP-C

Sherrun Ellison (Walton) is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Cincinnati and began her career as a registered nurse. Sherrun gained invaluable experience early in her career working with ICU patients and those recovering from surgery, however she wanted to build long-term relationships with her patients and understand life for them outside of acute visits.


She went on to work in home health care, creating care plans that allowed her patients to meet their health goals holistically.


During this time working in the home setting Sherrun realized the gaps in the patient/provider relationship. How can one care for the whole person if you only receive a snapshot of their life in a 15 minute office visit?


This epiphany led Sherrun to pursue her master’s degree from Ohio University. After working under the guidance of many strong medical professionals, Sherrun and her husband Steve Ellison had the idea to meet people where they are and start WaltonMobile Direct Primary Care.


With that success many other deficiencies in healthcare were realized and light shed on other at risk populations. This was the driving force to expand to become WaltonMobile Healthcare Solutions.


WaltonMobile now services individuals, businesses, colleges, universities, educational institutions and athletic programs. Our aim is to help everyone live a more satisfying life by simplifying healthcare and removing barriers to receiving quality care.